Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

SPG Montok

SPG Montok. Benefits of choosing Remy hair extensions are many and they are the best option to get the best quality clips for hair extensions. Because the hair cuticle hairs intact and facing the same direction all the benefits of Remy, including extensions of non-tangling and more durable, the ability to color, curl, straighten and use the normal product, and most importantly, Remy looks more natural and will blend better with own hair. Most hair used in extensions go through a procedure known as acid-bath which strips the hair cuticle. This is then layered with silicone to give a false shine and look smooth. The problem with this is that the next couple wash your hair, silicone hair left to subside and healthy looking, dull and wrinkled. By extension Remy, cuticle continues to be intact so the hair will stay healthier and stronger, even with washing. All the hair is facing the same direction also reduces matting and tangling hair