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Cewek SMA

Cewek SMA. Ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer can be explained as uncontrolled cell growth in the ovaries in women. The Cancer Might occur in Either one or both the ovaries. This is the most deadly form of cancer affecting the female reproductive system. Ovarian cancer is the fourth leading cause of death. Every year, in many cases, the cancer went undetected as patients fail to recognize the symptoms. However, ovarian cancer can be treated effectively if diagnosed early. According to statistics available, if detected early, more than 90 percent of patients may have a survival rate of more than 5 years. But ovarian cancer is detected early in only 24 percent of patients. Appropriate research findings are available, there are quite a lot of initial symptoms or indications that there are those with ovarian cancer

Cewek Jepang Seksi

Cewek Jepang Seksi. Economic Impact On Health. Poverty affects the chance to get a decent education. Opportunity for schools is not the same for everybody, but depends on the ability to finance. In a situation of difficulty cost usually boys are preferred because of the man regarded as the main breadwinner in the family. In case this is not just an influential indicator of poverty but also gender also affect access to education. The level of education affects the level of health. People who are educated generally have a greater understanding of health issues and prevention. Minimal to have adequate education a person can seek canal, taking care of yourself, and participate in decision-making within the family and society.

Cewek Jepang

Cewek Jepang. Women's Reproductive Health. reproductive health is a state of physical, mental, social, complete in all matters relating to the system, functions and processes of reproduction. It also alluded to the rights of production which is based on the recognition of human rights for all couples or individuals to decide freely and responsibly on the number of children in want and determine the birth of their child. The definition of reproductive health in more depth, not merely as an understanding of clinical (medical) but also includes the notion of social (community). The point about the overall health that is very good quality of life. However, social and economic conditions, especially in developing countries the quality of life and poverty worsened, indirectly also worsen the reproductive health of women.

Cewek Genit Seksi

Cewek Genit Seksi. Ster Not Affect Fertility. Stress is often mentioned as a fertility booster. However, recent studies prove that emotional stress does not affect the success of IVF programs or other fertility treatments.The report, published in the British Medical Journal are answered during this myth that some people believed that stress affects pregnancy. To support his research, a team of experts from Cardiff University, analyzed 14 studies involving 3583 women. The study analyzed the results of previous studies regarding the efficacy (success) artificial insemination procedures. In the 14 studies examined, women who were respondents in stress levels were measured before starting therapy kesuburan.Level their stress was measured using the technique of psychological measurement, including the character of the respondents, such as anxiety, stress, and depression that may be experienced.

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Cewek Genit

Cewek Genit. Dangers Chicken Pox in Pregnancy. Smallpox can strike people of all ages. Disease caused by Varicella virus can usually be cured. But if it infects pregnant women, can increase the risk of complications in mother and baby that she carried. When a pregnant woman had a history of chickenpox infection or been immunized, antibodies against this virus will be transferred to the baby through the placenta. Pregnant women will be immune and do not have to worry about complications for themselves and their babies. Incidence of chickenpox infection during pregnancy is approximately 0.05 to 0.07 percent. The amount is small because most fertile women already have immunity to varicella, but if the chicken pox acquired during the third trimester, the risk of varicella pneumonia occur is greater.

Cewek Nakal

Cewek Nakal. Stress. Stress is the body's response to changes in physical, mental, emotional, or environmental conditions on a person. Stress also can disebakan by factors originating from outside (such as the environment) or by factors originating from within (such as attitudes, feelings, etc.). A common cause of stress is due to illness, accidents, fear / loss and anxiety. Each individual has a different response to stress. Own stress response is rapid and can affect bodily function, motivation or productivity. Body's reaction to stress begins and is controlled by the central nervous system (located in the brain and spinal cord). In response to stress, the brain gives the signal to the adrenal gland to release hormones (adrenaline (ephinephrine) & norephinephrine) which will lead to surrender or fight response to deal with stress.

Cewek Hot

Cewek Hot. Excess Weight. Weight problem is now a major problem throughout the world result from changes in diet and lifestyle that is not balanced. People who are obese or overweight are likely to suffer from diabetes, vascular disease (heart disease), gall bladder disease. They are also at risk for high blood pressure disease, joint problems (like arthritis) and respiratory problems (such as asthma and sleep apnea) and the possibility to suffer a stroke. Many factors that cause obesity or being overweight, such as: lifestyle (lack of exercise), certain medical conditions (hypothyroidism) or due to genetic factors / heredity. When a person consumes more calories than are removed then the consequences will arise obese or overweight. This is because the body's excess calories will be stored by the body except in the form of fat & weight loss programs do, the more fat stored in the body every day.

Cewek Simpanan

Dangers of Alcohol. consume alcohol begin to become a habit most people today, both because of social or environmental factors because the demands of work. Excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of health problems such as liver disorders or unintentional accident. Alcohol is the result of fermentation of yeast with the chemical name ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Alcohol is usually found in drinks such as beer, wine or other liquor. Alcohol affects our organs, because pressing the central nervous system. Actually alcohol is metabolized in the liver by enzymes, but the liver can only metabolize alcohol in small amounts, so the rest will enter the blood circulation & effect on the nervous system. The effect of alcohol depends on the amount of alcohol consumed per person.

Cewek Panggilan

Cewek Panggilan. Dangers of Smoking. Tobacco in cigarettes has a negative effect in almost all organs. Tobacco worldwide is estimated to cause 6 million deaths annually. Cigarette smoke is also very dangerous for secondhand smoke, that is, those who indirectly contribute inhaling cigarette smoke from active smokers. Short term effects of smoking is a disturbance in the respiratory tract such as cough, fever, bronchitis and pneumonia. While long-term effects of smoking very much. There are several diseases associated with smoking such as cancer of the mouth, throat, lungs, stomach, kidney, bladder and pancreas and others.

Cewek Kesepian

Cewek Kesepian. Beauty Women. To form a charming lips, say the words that polite. To get beautiful eyes, look good in every person you meet. To get a slim body shape, share food for the hungry. To get a beautiful posture, walk with all science, and you'll never walk alone. Man, far better than any other God's creatures. It must always be changed, reformed, reshaped, and forgiven. So, do not ever turn down someone from your heart. If you've done all that, remember always. If an when you need help, will always have his hand outstretched. And with age you are, you will be more grateful for have been given two hands, one to help yourself and the other for helping others.

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Cewek Montok

Cewek Montok. Women's Health. women's health are influenced by cultural values that live in the community. Women are often imaged as a weak creature must always give in and sacrifice. Such presumption is not true, because it will harm the health of women. For example a teenage girl had to yield to his brother in terms of eating, so that the portions smaller than men, should at this present moment men and women have equal position.

Cewek Desa Seksi

Cewek Desa Seksi. Healthy Woman. Healthy women who are completely healthy women who both body, soul and behavior in a healthy environment and society. Healthy does not mean just not sick. someone in a state of complete physical health, spiritual and social .. As an example illustration healthy women: Mrs. Adam face fresh, clean cheerful, likes to move, like Dami, not emotional, easy to get along harmoniously with other community members.

Cewek ABG Seksi

Cewek ABG Seksi. Benefits of Coffee. no one say coffee is bad for your kesehatan.Asal not suffer from heart disease and hypertension, coffee contains caffeine which are sympathomimetic that can improve peripheral blood pressure and accelerate heart rate in addition to stimulating the brain to remain active until you ngantuk.Bila not suffer from the disease coffee is not good for health anda.Sebenarnya no direct reply saying that coffee brewed with hot water can increase blood cholesterol.

Cewek Seksi

Cewek Seksi. Benefits of Coconut Water. So far we know only known as coconut water release thirst. In fact, there is an opinion, just a waste coconut water from coconuts. In fact, in the solution, this coconut juice has properties and nutritional value is extraordinary. Not only the macro elements in the form of nitrogen and carbon, but also much-needed micro elements in coconut water body. Nitrogen element in it in the form of a protein composed of amino acids, like alanine, cystine, arginine, opy, and serine.