Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

Cewek Genit Seksi

Cewek Genit Seksi. Ster Not Affect Fertility. Stress is often mentioned as a fertility booster. However, recent studies prove that emotional stress does not affect the success of IVF programs or other fertility treatments.The report, published in the British Medical Journal are answered during this myth that some people believed that stress affects pregnancy. To support his research, a team of experts from Cardiff University, analyzed 14 studies involving 3583 women. The study analyzed the results of previous studies regarding the efficacy (success) artificial insemination procedures. In the 14 studies examined, women who were respondents in stress levels were measured before starting therapy kesuburan.Level their stress was measured using the technique of psychological measurement, including the character of the respondents, such as anxiety, stress, and depression that may be experienced.