Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

Cewek Moto GP

Cewek Moto GP. Sometimes we would end up selling our computer or give it to others or our brother, not just throw it away. We still may have a useful machine but decided to upgrade to something a little faster. Great concern for many people when it comes to selling computers that what happens to the data on the machine. We may have an important file or document that we do not want others to see. Find out what we can do to protect our old data was. We may reformat the drive. This means that we take all the files on the machine and remove them so that pushed back to an empty state. The advantage of this is that our data is lost, but the disadvantage is that the operating system is also missing. We can use the Windows disk and load the operating system on it again. How does this if we do that damage the installation is to delete all the files and put the machine back to its original state when we bought it originally.